Thursday, December 1, 2011

Creating PLACE Project

The 29th Street Green Arts: Creating PLACE Project will help build civil society, promote cultural understanding and model tolerance by engaging residents of the greater 29thStreet area in a series of community dialogues, hands-on design workshops and exhibitions of banners revolving around critical neighborhood issues.

Bella, 14, "Face"

Zepan, 11, "Self Portrait"
This project will start in January 2012. Artistic outcomes of the project will include a series of artistically designed banners that reflect the stories and voices of neighborhood residents. These artworks seek to nurture a larger dialogue revolving around issues of bullying, health, violence, tolerance, stewardship and prosperity.

Juan R., 17 "Untitled"
Over the past several years we have been working on murals. Now we are taking what we have learned to a new audience by creating works that will be displayed as posters, banners and in neighborhood venues.

Xavier, 10, "Dudes hanging out"

Youth Workshops continue every:

Wed. 3:30 - 5
January 11 - May 30
JVC Boys and Girls Club
1935 S. Columbus Blvd.

The teen leadership/ C-Corp group meets from 5 - 6pm.

For more information visit the TAB website:

Fall Workshops and Days of Service

It has been a busy fall for the more than 5o youth muralists in our program. Most of our work has been getting the overpass painted, images touched up and developing writings and drawings related to the overpass mural. Our theme revolves around the concept of changing the overpass and it's meaning, and taking ownership of this small part of the neighborhood.

Tagging is down significantly as youth begin to re-imagine the overpass in terms of a Destination. Arrival - Transformation - Portal  - Destination are the four words we came up with to describe our experience walking over the overpass.

This fall included a number of days of service, including September 11, which included a moving closing circle attended by the relative of a victim of the 911 tragedy.

 Over 200 people have had a hand in this project to date, and the work continues as we build a culture of respect and hope in this area. We also started working on the garden at the Boys and Girls club, spending many hours weeding the abandon garden and removing over 40 bags of weeks - mostly crab grass that had invaded the beds.

Our leadership team is working on final touches and will add and a final sealer so the mural is ready for an unveiling celebration in the early Spring.