Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stop Violence Start the Peace!

PLACE Image 1: "Stop Violence Start the Peace" - Paola and Jasmine

Juan - "Eye"
Marianna - "Eye"
This week continued to use the theme of repetition, and started creating a series of images revolving around our core themes.

The floor was open and we have a long list that ranges from the environment, violence, immigration, foreclosure, animal welfare, being homeless, tagging and more.

Here you can see a small sample of the works we created,  and the first in a series of PLACE images.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be developing these themes, refining our ideas and finally bringing our work to the community in some surprising ways. 

Bella - Yellow Thread

Sergio - "Peace"
We are also developing writings with these drawings. As we edit and refine these works we will be posting some really great writings by our blossoming artists.

Arreana"Happy Birthday"

Stay tuned to this blog for more great youth art and literature!

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