Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Join Us for the 2013 911 Day of Arts Service


On Sunday September 8, from 1-5pm at 29th & Columbus Blvd. the public is invited to help to clean and revitalize the “Inside the Overpass” mural and surrounding area. The mural is located on the interior of the pedestrian overpass at 29th and Columbus, and was designed and painted by students in the Arts Brigade Mural Arts after school program. This program continues to meet every Wednesday from 3 – 6pm at TAB, 738 N 5th  Ave, in the Historic YWCA building.

The 911 day of arts service is a way to commemorate and remember the victims of that day and do something positive for our community. By coming together to beautify and unify our neighborhoods through the arts we are building a better world. This is a great event for the entire family. Participants are asked to bring gloves, work clothing, rakes, trash bags, a hat and water. We will be weeding, picking up trash and painting. At the end of the work session we will circle up to share our feelings, memories and thoughts.

The “Inside the Overpass” project represents two years of hard work by youth ages 8-18 at the Jim & Vicki Click Boys & Girls Club, which is adjacent to the overpass mural. With the help of Tucson Arts Brigade's Executive Director and Teaching Artist, Michael B. Schwartz, assistants Linda Kerr, Molly Moore, and Kathleen Murphy, the youth designed, created, and installed the works of art.

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