Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mural Project Update

Things are moving along really well on our mural project. A special thanks to all the hard working people on the Mural Planning Team! We are entering the design input step, and plan on starting youth workshops this fall at the Boys and Girls Club.

Neighborhood Input Sessions:
We met for the first time with Myers and Julia Keen Neighborhood Associations to introduce the mural project and request time to gather ideas for the mural at their next meetings. We will be meeting with neighbors to ask them about local folklore, landmarks, history and personality and what they would like to see in their murals. Please join us!

Julia Keen Neighborhood Association
Tuesday September 28, 6:30 at World Care

Myers Neighborhood Association
Tuesday October 5, 7pm at Myers Ganoung School

We are looking forward to also gathering ideas from Naylor, Roberts and Alvernon Heights Neighborhood Associations. We are also offering each neighborhood Watercolor Workshops.

29th Street Community Celebration
Thursday October 14, 4-7pm in Freedom Park

We will be handing out surveys and asking people what they would like to see in their murals. We are looking for a few more volunteers to help staff our table.

Elders/ Long Time Resident Sharing:
Donna Higginbotham Perkins attended our last mural planning meeting. She had a ton of great ideas. She has been organizing "Coffee Klusters" in the Alvernon Heights Neighborhood. This is a time for folks to get together talk about what is important to them, and then have a theme. We are planning to have the mural be the theme at one of the upcoming meetings.

Youth Mural Arts Workshops

Youth Mural design and Painting Workshops will start Oct 20, and be every Wednesday 2:30 – 4:30pm at the Boys and Girls Club through December 15. We would like to have Youth present their design to the 29t Street Coalition in November. We will do the actual painting in December. Download a poster by clicking on the image. Kids will need to become members of the Boys and Girls Club for $5 and can register at the center.

Mural Locations

Our first mural will be on the interior of the Boys and Girls Club Craft room. We expect this smaller project to be complete by January 2011. This is a really great wall and will be seen by students for many years to come.

We are continuing to look for funding, and awaiting word on grants for larger outdoor projects. We can continue to scout walls that match our budget. These sites include:

1) 7-11 wall and retaining walls of the apartments at 29th and Columbus
2) Overpass at 29th and Columbus (The interior of the overpass is the most realistic option, but we still are awaiting final OK from the city. The costs associated with this option are high, but could be worth it considering the amount of tagging in the overpass.)
3) Adult Education Building on 27th South of Alvernon.
4) 5 Grand Creamery
5) Donut Shop

Send in your jpeg images with captions, links and stories, poems or other content you would like to share on THIS site!

Next Mural Planning Team Meeting/Ice Cream Social:
Please join us and support a local business and enjoy some ice cream!

Thursday Oct. 6, 6-7pm
5 Grand Creamery 4000 E 29th St.

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