Monday, October 4, 2010

Julia Keen Neighborhood Mural Ideas

On September 28, 2010, we met at World Care and came up with some ideas for what we want to see in our mural, and to talk about what makes our neighborhood a special place. Below are the voices of Julia Keen Neighborhood Association.

Welcome to the Julia Keen Neighborhood in Tucson, AZ. The important things to our neighborhood are people, friends, family, neighbors, safety, cleanliness, community connections, communication and gatherings.
We want to maintain the integrity of our neighborhood. Peace of mind, lots of police visits to our co-op and several cars vandalized and stolen. I prefer to stay inside with books and computer, I leave the neighborhood for social visits and volunteer jobs.

We hear and smell:

We hear Airplanes, trains,
police helicopters.
Traffic, children, dogs, barbecue and frogs.
Train smoke, trains hitting each other, school bus, tortillas.
kids skating, people splashing in pool, loud neighbors, TV, music, outdoor cell conversations.

Ideas for our mural:

Reflections of the history intertwined with the railroad and airbase (when Alvernon gate was open – pre jet aircraft)

Washes and pre-construction bosque, Reid Park, Julia Keen School

There is kickball in the streets.

We have a great association (JKNA)

Longevity – some who moved her in 1960, 62 and 64

Mountains in the background, negatives are numerous.

Some are afraid to walk around at night, others not so much.

Some people feel the neighborhood has changed:

- I found a bullet in my roof when we were doing repairs.
- It used to be safe to walk around, people kept things clean.
- The kids used to play in the field at Country Club and Silverlake.
- DeAnza Drive In has come and gone.
- We remember when Aviation was a two lane road.

Others say not much has changed. It feels like home.

Favorite Places

Our favorite places include our house and homes. Our Parks are Holly and Parkview-Reid. We have neighborhood picnics and socials in the parks. Holly Park is a magical gathering place with beautiful old trees, nature in the city, space to play and create. I like Reid park, green and peaceful, in some areas. I like my house. I like the ramada in Parkview Park when Julia Keen neighbors meet on Saturdays bi-monthly for coffee etc. Good “getting to know you” chats.

My house, it’s been my home for 48 years. Built in 1952. I like Holly Park, the picnics and my house.

Timeline: - This is just a start - we need your help!
  • 1952 2327 S Holly, 2033 S. Camilla houses built
  • 1960’s Citation Garden Co-Op’s on Palo Verde Built as a HUD project. Now owned individually.

Time line Questions:

  1. Who are the long time residents?
  2. Who used to work for the railroad?
  3. What Year did JKNA came into being?
  4. When was Julia Keen school built?
  5. More to come. Up next we will be visiting with residents of the Myers neighborhood.

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